The Heartland

Nathan Filer, mental health nurse and award-winning writer, takes us on a journey into the psychiatric wards he once worked on. He also invites us to spend time with world-leading experts and with some extraordinary people whose lives have been affected my the most strange of human conditions.

This book debunks myths, challenges assumptions and offers fresh insight into what it means to be mad.

And what it means to be human.

‘A truly important book. Radically open-hearted and vitally open-minded. Read it, and share it, and talk about it.’

Max Porter

'Genuinely deal-changing'

Caitlin Moran

'A brilliant, beautiful and bold book. It is illuminating and empathetic and needs to be read by all'

Bryony Gordon

‘Absolutely blew me away… I cannot think of another book in the field that would come close to this. In my opinion it is an essential read for those in the mental health arena'

Jo Brand

‘A hard-hitting and thoughtful account of contemporary mental-health practices'

The Sunday Times

'Filer does a brilliant job of bringing order and humanity to a seemingly chaotic scene'

Literary Review

'A book that everyone should read... upsetting, entertaining and fascinating.'

The Observer

‘I have never read a more powerful book about mental health’

Joanna Cannon

'This is a beautifully written book that brims with compassion and wit'

The Times

‘Nathan Filer is following in the footsteps of Mark Haddon’s genre-setting The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. Both funny and painful… you’re going to love it’

Daily Mail